Building the perfect typography system

Learn how we designed a typography scale based on the golden ratio, creating a balanced and scalable typographic system that provides enhanced readability with a professional font.

Building the perfect typography system

It was on a bright, crisp morning, much like any other, that we found ourselves at a crossroads, contemplating the essence of what makes a design not just good, but truly great. The answer, we discovered, lay in the foundation of every piece of content we create: typography.

Our journey wasn't just about choosing a font; it was about finding our voice in the crowded marketplace. And so, we embarked on a quest to create a typography scale that wasn't just scientifically informed but also deeply human, friendly, and, most importantly, helpful. This blog post is a reflection of that journey, a guide to the typographic scaling system we developed, and an invitation to explore the depths of typography with us.

Choosing Nunito

Why Nunito, you ask? Imagine walking into a room where every curve, every line, speaks to you in soft whispers, inviting you into a warm embrace. That's Nunito for us. Its rounded, approachable character embodies our brand's ethos of creating designs that are not just seen but felt. In a world that often feels sharp and angular, Nunito stands out as a beacon of friendliness and readability, making it the perfect choice for Rounded Design.

Choosing a font is like choosing a companion for your brand's journey—it needs to resonate with your values and speak to your audience in a language they understand. Nunito does just that, bridging the gap between aesthetic appeal and practical readability, making every word we write an extension of our brand's heart.

Demystifying our typographic scale

But how does one translate such a choice into a scalable system that can be applied across various design projects? Enter the typography scale, a methodical approach to using type in a way that maintains harmony and consistency. It's our map in the vast sea of design, guiding us on how to use typography effectively to enhance user experience.

Our typographic table isn't just a set of rules; it's a testament to the thoughtfulness that goes into creating a cohesive digital environment. Each element, from "XL Display" to "Extra Small Text," has been carefully considered to ensure it plays its part in the larger design narrative.

The golden ratio simplified

At the heart of our typography scale lies the golden ratio, a mathematical principle that artists and architects have relied on for centuries to create visually pleasing works. But don't let the term "mathematical" intimidate you. At its core, the golden ratio is about balance and proportion—qualities that are inherently human and deeply ingrained in the natural world around us.

In adapting this age-old principle to our typography scale, we chose a scaling factor of 1.272. This isn't just a number; it's a reflection of our commitment to creating designs that feel as natural and harmonious as a sunflower field swaying gently in the breeze.

Heading levels explained

Navigating our typography scale is a bit like choosing the right outfit for an occasion. You wouldn't wear flip-flops to a formal gala, right? Similarly, each element of our typography has its place and purpose.

  • XL Display: This is the tuxedo of text. It's what you use when you want to make a grand entrance on your homepage. It says, "Look at me," but with the sophistication of a British spy in a movie, not a toddler at a birthday party.
  • H1 - H6: These are your wardrobe staples, from the comfortable jeans (H6) to the nice button-up shirt (H1). They organize your content wardrobe so your users know whether they're heading to a casual brunch or an important meeting.
  • Body Text (p): This is the T-shirt of the typography world. It's what people spend most of their time in. It needs to be comfortable, versatile, and, above all, legible. No one wants to squint at the text like it's the fine print on a bad contract.
  • Special Text (Blockquotes, Medium Text): These are your accessories. A Blockquote is like a tasteful watch, elevating the style without overwhelming it. Medium Text? It's the scarf that adds a pop of color, drawing attention where it's needed.

Embracing a 4px grid

If our typography scale is a wardrobe, the 4px grid is the closet organizer. It keeps everything neat, tidy, and in its place, ensuring that your design doesn’t end up looking like a teenager's bedroom floor. The 4px grid ensures harmony and alignment, making sure that every text element has room to breathe without stepping on each other's toes.

Line heights and letter spacing

Now, let’s talk about the unsung heroes of readability: line heights and letter spacing. They’re like the personal space of typography. Too little, and things feel cramped, like riding a crowded subway at rush hour. Too much, and it’s like shouting across a cavernous room trying to have a conversation. We’ve dialed these settings to just the right amount, ensuring each word and letter can stand out, proud and uncluttered, like a zen garden of text.

Beyond the Scale

A match made in heaven

Choosing colors for your site is like picking paint for your living room. It sets the mood. Our color palette is designed to complement Nunito’s rounded charm, ensuring that the text doesn't just speak to you; it sings. We aim for harmony, like a well-coordinated boy band from the '90s, where every member has a role, and together, they create magic.

Making space

White space in design is like a good friend – it gives your content the support it needs without overshadowing it. It's the pause between jokes that makes them funnier, the silence in music that makes the melody sweeter. We use white space not just to separate elements, but to bring them together in a cohesive, visually appealing dance.

Typography for everyone

Our commitment to responsive and accessible design is like always making sure there's enough pie for everyone at the party – no one's left out.

Typography as a conversation

In wrapping up, remember that good typography isn’t just about making things look pretty; it’s about creating a connection, a conversation between your brand and your audience. With our typography scale, we invite you to join that conversation, to explore, experiment, and express your brand’s unique voice in the vast digital landscape.

Ready to turn your typography from meh to marvelous? Reach out to us at Rounded Design, and let's make something beautiful together.

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