Free Abstract Backgrounds

An AI-driven passion project by offering free, high-quality abstract backgrounds for articles, wallpapers, and more to the online entrepreneurial community.

At Rounded Design, we love combining creativity with technology. Our latest passion project, Free Abstract Backgrounds, is a fully automated site that offers AI-generated abstract backgrounds for free. This project not only showcases our love for design but also serves as an SEO experiment.

Project Goals

Our goal was to create a community resource where anyone can access high-quality abstract backgrounds for free. We aimed to automate the creation and description of these images using cutting-edge AI tools and plan to further develop this project with community support through donations, ads, and future subscriptions.

We wanted this site to serve multiple purposes: providing valuable content, experimenting with SEO strategies, and exploring the potential of AI in creative fields. By making the backgrounds freely available, we hope to build a strong user base and a vibrant online community.

Brand Identity Development

Creating a unique and recognizable brand for Free Abstract Backgrounds was key. We chose a clean, modern design that highlights the abstract nature of the content. The brand identity is simple yet engaging, ensuring users can easily navigate the site and find what they need. Our focus was on creating a user-friendly experience that encourages exploration and creativity.

Website Design and Development

The website design is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users to browse and download backgrounds. We used responsive design principles to ensure the site works well on all devices, providing a seamless user experience. The automation tools we employed include Make (formerly Integromat), ChatGPT, and DALL-E, which work together to generate and describe the images.

The development process focused on integrating these AI tools to automate content creation. This allows us to continuously update the site with fresh backgrounds without manual intervention, ensuring a constant stream of new content for our users.

Visual and User Experience

We chose a minimalist design to highlight the abstract backgrounds. The color scheme is neutral, allowing the vibrant images to stand out. Navigation is straightforward, with categories and search functionality to help users find the perfect background quickly. We aimed to create a visually appealing and easy-to-use site that invites users to explore.

User experience is at the heart of the design. The site is optimized for fast loading times, and the download process is simple and efficient. We also included a blog-style section where AI-generated descriptions provide context and inspiration for using the backgrounds.

Marketing and SEO Strategy

As an SEO experiment, our strategy involves optimizing the site for search engines to attract organic traffic. We implemented best practices for on-page SEO, including keyword optimization, meta tags, and structured data. Our content strategy focuses on creating valuable, keyword-rich descriptions that enhance search visibility.

We also leverage social media and community engagement to drive traffic to the site. By sharing new backgrounds and encouraging user interaction, we aim to build a loyal following and increase site visibility.

Launch and Post-Launch Support

The launch was smooth, thanks to rigorous testing and preparation. Post-launch, we continue to monitor site performance and gather analytics to understand user behavior and improve the experience. Ongoing maintenance ensures the site remains up-to-date and functional, providing a reliable resource for our users.

We are committed to evolving Free Abstract Backgrounds based on user feedback and technological advancements. Our goal is to continually enhance the site, adding new features and content to keep users engaged.

Client Feedback and Testimonials

Although this is an internal project, the positive feedback from users has been encouraging. Many have praised the site’s ease of use and the quality of the backgrounds. Seeing the project gain traction and attract a growing user base has been rewarding, and we are excited about its potential.


Free Abstract Backgrounds is a not-so-subtle nod to our passion for design and innovation. The project has successfully combined automation, AI, and creativity to create a valuable community resource. We are proud of its success and look forward to its continued growth and development.

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