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  • Work with a busy client and save them time
  • Create a professional website without professional photos to work with
  • Seamlessly integrate their custom booking software
  • Save the client time each month with a monthly plan

How we saved Private Beach Salon time and money

The biggest service we offer is saving our clients' time. Platforms like Squarespace and Wix are great tools, but using them to make your brand truly look professional online takes a lot of work. For most business owners, adding and maintaining Instagram, Google, and other essential digital channels feels like a full-time job.

The owner of Private Beach Salon was busy providing the best service in the area, and didn't have time to expand her business online. She expressed interest in our services, and we gave her a call. By hiring us, she saved months of personal effort and gained a brand redesign, ongoing business advice, and a custom website that gets her more clients.

Finding the right design

Two example sites for Private Beach Salon

We wanted to give the client some options here, but keep their costs low. We decided to send her two drafts, and she picked the "Plush" option. From there we gave her a bunch of font combinations and color palettes, while playing around with different layout and content ideas.

Once we were finished the design, we spent some time creating a preview site and adding interactivity to the site. We quickly ran into an issue: The client didn't have time to take photos or schedule with our photographer, and there wasn't a lot of premium-grade media available to use.

Creating site media

To solve our lack-of-images problem, we contacted friends who are regulars at Private Beach Salon, and collected as many images as we could find. We also combed through Instagram and Google's code to download some of the client's old images. We sorted through the options, filtered, cropped, and photoshopped. Some images were too small for web use, which would make them appear pixelated, so we used an AI upscaling tool to make them big enough.

On many of the images, we removed the background and added shadows and gradients in line with the brand color scheme. Finally the site content was acceptable, and still on budget. On to the final challenge.

Boulevard Integration

We like to create our own systems to save clients money over time. But in this case, the client had just switched to an elaborate tool to manage her calendar and employees. So we adapted our plan and services, and integrated this system, Boulevard, onto her site. Their customer support said it couldn't be done, but with a little trial and effort, our client now has a booking widget on her site, activated with "Book Now" buttons. This works on mobile and desktop devices, across browsers, without too many complicated steps.

Supporting the client over time

With the site completed and running, the client is very pleased! But with a fully-booked calendar, they realized they needed support over time. We decided to fulfill this request with a low-cost monthly maintenance plan, where each month we can make optimizations, graphics, and other requested services. We're happy to help the client save time each month, and hope to continue providing her value according to her budget.

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