S. Lee Holland Books

Low Complexity
Social Media

Transparent Christian Fiction For Young Adults

S. Lee Holland is an amazing author, but she lacked the means to reach her potential audience online. That's where we come in. We provided her with a website and social media marketing to display positive reviews of her readers and showcase her new book.


  • Provide peace of mind by reducing an emerging author's workload
  • Build an affordable website that encourages readers to take the next step
  • Create social media content based off the client's book

Using AI to create social content

Instagram is a visual platform, but creating good visual content can be difficult without a budget for media and graphics.

We knew the client wanted to be on social media, especially Instagram, and would need a low-cost content strategy. We used AI to extrapolate short quotes and ideas from the book, and designed a simple post template to display these quotes.

We typically prefer diverse and personal content, but in this case we just needed to quickly and affordably establish her social media account.

Tying it all together with a website

With the client's book being released soon and months of social content prepared, we were ready to launch the site. We usually create a few design drafts to send to the client, but since this was on a extra low complexity price point we decided to focus our labor on other areas of the project.

We modeled the site colors off of the theme of the book, and used a free font with properties similar to the ones used in the book. Site images were shaped to be easy to mentally digest, and icons were added for modernization.

We're happy to say the client is please with the services we provided, and is already working on the second book! She now has a foundation for all her current and future marketing efforts, and can spread her uplifting stories with a professional system in place.

Check out her book on amazon!