Wallcraft Wood

Medium Complexity
Online Store
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Reclaimed barnwood for dream projects


  • Design a brand around our client's Etsy store and optimize for more sales
  • Create an online store that sells high-grade reclaimed wood
  • Explore marketing options, including social media and paid advertising

Creating a brand identity for Wallcraft Wood

What is the purpose of a brand? We like to think of branding as a way to build personal connections. A family business, for example, can retain their commitment to quality workmanship over the years, with long-term customers that know their work by their brand. If you work for a reputable brand, that can help you gain opportunities over time when networking. For e-commerce stores, branding is a way to build trust and bridge the gap between digital and physical.

With Wallcraft we wanted visitors to glimpse the vibe of a high-grade, professional, and dream-inspiring supplier of reclaimed materials. Balancing elegance and luxury with natural rustic minimalism isn't easy, especially with the requirements of web browsers. We can easily make something that looks good, but if it's not functional the client could lose sales.

While uncovering the optimal style, and finding a good name for the brand, we gave the client a few drafts to choose from.

Website drafts for online lumber supplier

The final product would be different, but this helped us find the client's dream style for the brand.

Selling more barnwood online

One issue the client had was a declining Etsy account. They were relying on calculated luck with Etsy ads, but that luck was running out. We rewrote their listings with search-optimized wording, high-quality images, and profit-increasing settings; syncing these updates with their new store as we worked with the client. As ad-based sales declined, our improvements increased back-end and organic sales, keeping the business afloat.

Creating a custom Shopify Theme

We wanted to take advantage of the client's sales capability by using Shopify's sales and integration features. To provide this, we created for them a custom-coded Shopify theme, which syncs with Shopify's sales features seamlessly.

The most crucial piece of this website design was the product page -- to which we paid special attention.

Product page design

Each element on the product sales page has been optimized and tweaked to cater to the client's customers. Visitors can chat with the client with the chat widget, choose between different product variant options, and view the updated discount price when available. Photos, shipping and financing information, product details, and reviews are all easily accessible. Most importantly, visitors are given a comfortable, engaging experience.

Product photography needed special attention, so we scheduled photo shoots with the client to get good shots of their products and their applications.

Establishing Wallcraft's future

With the brand created and running, we began the long but rewarding process of growing the brand. We integrated every free advertising method suitable for the business, including Pinterest, Google SEO, and affiliate marketing. We then focused on social media, creating and scheduling posts for many platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter). These posts included an optimized low-frequency hashtag strategy tailored for the brand.

Social profile pic options

This helped the brand gain credibility and engagement on the social media side, which would also increase the success rate of future paid ads on these platforms. We also tested Yelp Ads, Google Ads, and Etsy Ads to find a good low-CPC paid advertising solution. With each marketing effort, we built a system that the client could use later, which work with each other to build a digital ecosystem around this new brand. That compounding traffic from multiple sources helps prime the brand for future ad investments, and builds analytics to improve the average customer profile over time, and adjust strategies and designs over time.

The complete package

At any point this business could easily be sold as an all-in-one online store package with marketing strategies, custom branding, and established products. The client could also invest more into ads, add new products, or do personalized influencer marketing. The brand is ready for their next steps, whatever they may be.

We love working on these kind of projects, which can be run by anyone that wants to put in the time and money, and provides real value to consumers. If you're interested in a reclaimed wood accent wall, or wood for other projects, check out Wallcraft today!